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Amy’s Thai Food

Immerse yourself in the flavors of Thailand with our homemade, traditional Thai dishes. From the aromatic Green Curry to the mouthwatering Pad Thai, we offer a diverse menu that promises a culinary adventure for you and your family. Experience Amy’s Thai Food, where the taste of Thailand comes alive in Sterling Heights!

Amy’s Thai Food

From the aromatic Green Curry to the mouthwatering Pad Thai, we offer a diverse menu that promises a culinary adventure for you and your family. Experience Amy’s Thai Food, where the taste of Thailand comes alive in Sterling Heights!


From Our Menu

You’ll find a variety of dishes to choose from, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Whether you’re in the mood for a spicy curry or a delicious Pad Thai, Amy’s has you covered.


KP1 Kow Pad (Thai Style Fried Rice)

Fried rice with choice of meat, egg, green peas, carrot, white and green onions


NS3 Pad Broccoli

Choice of meat stir fried with broccoli, carrot, and white onion in a brown sauce


N1 Pad Thai

Sauteed rice noodle with choice of meat, egg, bean sprouts, and green onion topped with crushed peanuts, and lemon


N3 Pad Sew-Ew

Sauteed wide rice noodle with choice of meat, egg, bean sprouts and green onion in a coconut curry sauce


N4 Drunken Noodle 🌶️

Sauteed wide rice noodle with choice of meat, egg, broccoli, bamboo shoots, white and green onion, green peppers, carrot, bean sprouts and basil


KP7 Thai Special Fried Rice

Fried rice with choice of meat, egg, bean sprout, broccolli, white and green onion and pea pods covered in thai chili sauce.


What our customers are saying on Google!

"Wow this place is amazing! service is fast, people are polite, and the food is to die for. so far ive had the sesame chicken with fried rice and the southern style thai noodles and both were a 10/10. not to mention the delicious soup they serve at lunchtime. highly recommend coming here!!"

WAGiha Amine

"This is by far my favorite place to get Thai. The people who work here are so pleasant. I wish they were open 24/7. It's the only place I like Hot and Sour soup from. Their fried rice is to die for. They were closed today and we went to Thai Chef and it doesn't come close."

Randi Carroll

"The last time I ate here I wasn't very impressed (in 2020) but this time wowza. The food is delicious and the tofu is amazing. Delightful flavors and spice levels are perfect for me (I have other favorite Thai places which are not very spicy at all). 5 stars and I can't wait to go back. Only downside is they're more setup for takeout than dine in, so I wouldn't go there for the atmosphere/ambiance"

Shilpa J

"Everything from Amy's is delicious fresh! My husband is adventurous in exploring various Thai foods, although I stick to the more standard pad Thai, and Amy's never disappoints. Then at some point I really read the menu and found Chinese options! I love the won ton soup - tasty! But, the almond boneless chicken...Yum, yum. No tired lettuce lining the plate - it's fresh and crisp. There's a generous sprinkling of almonds across the delish chicken. Brown sauce on the side to keep the breaded chicken crisp. I highly recommend Amy's!!"


"Friendly staff, delicious food - always fresh and tasty & I have always been offered a free pop or water when I leave. That’s a nice touch. :)"

Francis Fox

"Made my first visit today to this restaurant for it's yummy food! A quick, lunchtime nutritious treat that doesn't break the bank, and is superbly better than most other options in the neighborhood. I had the Pad Cashew w/ Chicken, medium heat. Thinking I will try hot next time. I was surprised that it came with a cup of soup. There's a sign on the counter that notes 15% off daily when paying with cash. I don't know any other restaurants that do this. I'll be sure to remember that for next time!"


"I have been ordering Thai food from here for about a year now. Every time I order, service is quick, easy, and friendly. The food is always fresh, flavorful, and delicious EVERYTIME. Their portion sizes are worth the money. I highly recommend chicken pad Thai and orange chicken with fried rice. Also their spring rolls are to die for. They’re fresh and nicely crispy with a tangy sweet & sour sauce. It’s the best food and I highly recommend"

Amanda Barr

"best crab rangoon in town, they are giant sized. if you havnt tried them you need to."


"Our favorite Thai restaurant! The food is consistently excellent. We love the Gang Pak with scallops (C4 on the menu). The owner is awesome as is the chef. Great family owned operation!"


"I love pad Thai/Thai food. Been hard finding a good little family owned place(since they seem to be the real deal) since l moved here. If you like real Thai order it hot and not med hot. Med was just a hint of spicy."


"This was my first time going and the food was delicious! I’m addition, the young lady at the counter was very friendly and polite! I will most definitely be back!!! If I could, I’ll give this place 10 stars ⭐️."


"Have been to this place recently , tried their Tom Yum soup, Curry Fried rice and Red Thai curry. The food was so good but Red Thai curry is beyond amazing. I could definitely recommend this place. Their Menu has a bunch of appetiser options to try from."


"Wow we dined and me and my two sisters and I have to tell you from the beginning to the end we ordered 5 entrees it just was great everything fresh and authentic KP1, KP2,KP4 plus the KP6 all was great will definitely be back already recommended this place to 5 people already."


"We heard so many good things about this place. We finally remembered to try them out. Everything was delicious and large portions. We have been back already few times. It has become one of our favorites. Crab Rangoon,chicken pad Thai, honey chicken all were great."

Janet Weiss

"Awesome food and service. We are here for work and as essential workers who work long hours and are away from home and family, it’s nice to get something good and semi-healthy. Lol. The food was really good. The coconut soup was delicious and the Thai iced tea reminded me of one of my favorite spots back in ATL. Service was fast even though we were told 25 minutes, and everything was hot and fully cooked. Definitely will recommend and go back before I leave or if I ever come back here."